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Guadua Bamboo slats

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Highly flexible, strong and lightweight

Application in furniture construction, enclosures and exterior cladding. Due to its lightness, resistance and flexibility it is a perfect material for light structures such as geodesic domes, domes, etc.

Scientific name: Guadua angustifolia Kunth

Color:                       Light brown with dark tones and possible brown spots

Ancho:                     4/6 cm

Longitud:                300 cm

Origen:                    Colombia


Structural application★★★★★
Wall thickness
Weather resistance★★★★☆



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  • Non-uniform width between 4 and 6 cm.
  • High flexibility and thick walls.
  • Specialized protection against xylophagous attacks (+ flame-retardant characteristics).
  • Especially suitable for the construction of external enclosures.
  • Good weather resistance.

+ Material information in: GUADUA BAMBOO

Special measures

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