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Guadua bamboo poles

20,95104,45 (IVA incl.)


Applications in highly demanding installations: construction, exterior architecture, panels and enclosures, etc.


Scientific name: Guadua angustifolia Kunth

Colour:                       Light brown with dark tones and possible brown spots

Taper:              Max 5mm per lineal meter

Origin:                    Colombia

Structural application ★★★★★
Wall thickness ★★★★★
Weather resistance ★★★★☆

SKUThumbnail Diameter Length PriceTotalStockQuantity
BG4-290 Guadua bamboo poles - 4-5-cm-en - 290-m-en 4-5 cm2,90m 23,95 (IVA incl.) 23,95 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG6-190 Guadua bamboo poles - 5-7-cm-en - 190-m-en 5-7 cm1,90m 20,95 (IVA incl.) 20,95 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG6-290 Guadua bamboo poles - 5-7-cm-en - 290-m-en 5-7 cm2,90m 31,50 (IVA incl.) 31,50 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG6-390 Guadua bamboo poles - 5-7-cm-en - 390-m-en 5-7 cm3,90m 39,95 (IVA incl.) 39,95 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG6-590 Guadua bamboo poles - 5-7-cm-en - 590-m-en 5-7 cm5,90m 58,50 (IVA incl.) 58,50 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG8-190 Guadua bamboo poles - 7-9-cm-en - 190-m-en 7-9 cm1,90m 23,00 (IVA incl.) 23,00 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG8-290 Guadua bamboo poles - 7-9-cm-en - 290-m-en 7-9 cm2,90m 33,95 (IVA incl.) 33,95 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG8-390 Guadua bamboo poles - 7-9-cm-en - 390-m-en 7-9 cm3,90m 44,95 (IVA incl.) 44,95 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG8-590 Guadua bamboo poles - 7-9-cm-en - 590-m-en 7-9 cm5,90m 65,95 (IVA incl.) 65,95 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG10-190 Guadua bamboo poles - 9-11-cm-en - 190-m-en 9-11 cm1,90m 26,15 (IVA incl.) 26,15 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG10-590 Guadua bamboo poles - 9-11-cm-en - 590-m-en 9-11 cm5,90m 75,46 (IVA incl.) 75,46 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG10-290 Guadua bamboo poles - 9-11-cm-en - 290-m-en 9-11 cm2,90m 38,74 (IVA incl.) 38,74 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG12-190 Guadua bamboo poles - 11-13-cm-en - 190-m-en 11-13 cm1,90m 28,89 (IVA incl.) 28,89 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG10-390 Guadua bamboo poles - 9-11-cm-en - 390-m-en 9-11 cm3,90m 51,26 (IVA incl.) 51,26 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG12-290 Guadua bamboo poles - 11-13-cm-en - 290-m-en 11-13 cm2,90m 44,50 (IVA incl.) 44,50 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG12-390 Guadua bamboo poles - 11-13-cm-en - 390-m-en 11-13 cm3,90m 57,55 (IVA incl.) 57,55 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG12-590 Guadua bamboo poles - 11-13-cm-en - 590-m-en 11-13 cm5,90m 84,40 (IVA incl.) 84,40 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG14-190 Guadua bamboo poles - 13-15-cm-en - 190-m-en 13-15 cm1,90m 36,15 (IVA incl.) 36,15 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG14-290 Guadua bamboo poles - 13-15-cm-en - 290-m-en 13-15 cm2,90m 53,75 (IVA incl.) 53,75 (IVA incl.) In stock
BG14-390 Guadua bamboo poles - 13-15-cm-en - 390-m-en 13-15 cm3,90m 71,20 (IVA incl.) 71,20 (IVA incl.) Limited availability
BG14-590 Guadua bamboo poles - 13-15-cm-en - 590-m-en 13-15 cm5,90m 104,45 (IVA incl.) 104,45 (IVA incl.) In stock

We can supply Bamboo Guadua with a length of 8 meters. Please ask for information about this product HERE

WARNING: Lengths longer than 4 meters are subject to special transport and delivery conditions. To send this product please ask for a quote HERE



  • High resistance to compression and thick walls.
  • Specialized protection against xylophagous attacks (+ fireproof characteristics).
  • Especially suitable for the construction of structures.
  • Canes selected at origin.
  • Sudden changes in temperature or humidity can lead to the appearance of cracks or crevices.
  • The Ø value refers to the base of the part.
  • Low taper (max 5mm/ml)
  • Bamboo is a natural product, no cane is 100% straight. Each bamboo cane is unique in shape, colors and shades. Vertical fissures can occur, especially in outdoor use. Just as with wood, Bamboo expands or retreats depending on temperature and humidity conditions. However, cracks do not affect the structural integrity of Bamboo.

+ information of the material in: GUADUABAMBOO

Special measures

Do you need us to cut the pole to a measure out of the catalogue?

Do you need to open the pole longitudinally, make an angle cut or a crown?



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