Bamboo technical conference

Madrid, 1/4 October, 2019

How can Europe benefit from bamboo? Historically associated with countries located in the tropics and subtropics, this fast-growing plant better known as “green steel” can be integrated into the lifestyles of the Global North in several ways: as a new source of renewable energy from biomass, as a low carbon footprint material, as a replacement for single-use plastics, also for use in sustainable construction, gradually becoming a crucial part of a circular economy. By developing the market for bamboo products and collaborating more closely with bamboo-producing countries, Europe can find in this plant a natural solution for its sustainable development.

The First Iberian Bamboo Symposium aims to reach a wide range of European stakeholders with the benefits of bamboo and its contributions in various areas that help meet sustainable development objectives and the Paris Agreement, encouraging new partnerships, programmes and research on bamboo applications in European markets. Participants and speakers come from a wide range of sectors in European and bamboo-producing countries, including international experts, policy makers and representatives of the private sector.


Topics covered:

Module 1: Outlining the legislative framework

Module 2: Enabling conditions

Module 3: Sustainable construction

Module 4: The future of bamboo in Europe

Participation is free of charge until full capacity is reached. To attend the symposium please fill out the form contained in this link

Fo more information about the Symposium, please visit this page

Participation is free of charge until full capacity is reached. To attend the symposium please fill out the form contained in this link

***Note: THE CAPACITY IS COMPLETE, you can register to enter the waiting list

October 2,3,4 2019
UPM Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The workshop is organized by BAMBUSA ESTUDIO, with the support of INBAR and the Department of Construction and Architectural Technologies of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Its aim is to introduce bamboo as a building material, including a practical workshop consisting of building a large-scale prototype of a bamboo greenhouse.


For more information and workshop registration, please contact BAMBUSA:


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The uses in architecture and its environmental and sustainable benefits bring together dozens of experts in the first Iberian symposium on this grass [Spanish]

Alberto G. Palomo – El País – Planeta Futuro –

At a recent Bio-Construction Workshop in Madrid, Spain, co-organised by INBAR, bamboo experts shared their knowledge with a group of enthusiastic participants over three jam-packed days.

INBAR News – 12Oct 2019

Video overview Bamboo Technical conference 2019

About the organizers

The conference is organized by the International Organization of Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) and BAMBUSA.

INBAR is a multilateral development organization that promotes environmentally sustainable development using bamboo and rattan. It has 45 member states. In addition to its Secretariat headquarters in China, INBAR has regional offices in Cameroon, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana and India. Since its founding in 1997, INBAR has made a real difference in the lives of millions of people and environments around the world, with achievements in areas such as: raising standards; promoting safe and resilient bamboo construction; restoring degraded lands; building capacities and creating green policies that contribute to meeting sustainable development goals

BAMBUSA is a Spanish company that participates in projects of landscaping, decoration and bioconstruction with bamboo. It specialises in auxiliary bamboo installations for indoor and outdoor use. Currently, the company offers complete consultancy and technical assistance services for the design and construction of bamboo structures, and incorporates the latest international advances in its projects. BAMBUSA has developed its own construction techniques, which are adapted to the specific climatic characteristics of Spain. In addition, BAMBUSA is the largest importer of bamboo in Spain, including different varieties, prefabricated structures, rolled fences, panels and boards.


The Iberian Bamboo Symposium has been made possible thanks to the contributions of:


BambooLogic Europe BV

The Institute of Construction Science Eduardo Torroja

Polytechnic University of Madrid