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Moso bamboo slats

6,7012,40 VAT inc.

Highly flexible, strong and lightweight

These very little-manufactured slats make it possible to create all-natural bamboo panels with very clean, gap-free finishes. They are also used for the manufacture of small structures, furniture, ceilings and even handcrafted arches. Due to its lightness, resistance and flexibility it is a perfect material for light structures such as geodesic domes, domes, etc.

Scientific name: Phyllostachiy Pubescens

Color:                        Light Yellow

Length:                280 cm

Origin:                    China

Structural application★★★★☆
Wall thickness★★★☆☆
Weather resistance★★




SKUThumbnail Ancho Length PriceStockQuantityTotal
LM3-280 Moso bamboo slats - 3cm - 280m-en 3cm 2,80m 6,70 VAT inc.In stock 0,00 VAT inc.
LM5-280 Moso bamboo slats - 5cm-en - 280m-en 5cm 2,80m 8,72 VAT inc.In stock 0,00 VAT inc.
LM Moso bamboo slats - 5cm-en - 380m 5cm 3,80m 12,40 VAT inc.In stock 0,00 VAT inc.


  • Uniform width.
  • High flexibility, strength and lightness.
  • Especially suitable for indoor applications.
  • Never show cracks or fissures.

+ Material information in: MOSO – BAMBOO

You can see images of installations where this product has been used for facing or lightweight structures.

Special measures

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