Who we are


In order to fully develop our construction ideas with bamboo, we started importing Guadua in 2007, and from 2010 onwards we also import Asian species such as Moso  and Tonkin bamboo. To ensure that we are offering the best material we buy directly from a cooperative in the Colombian Coffee Growing Area and from a company with self-managed forests in northern China. We follow all processes related to the export and import of our materials, certificates of origin and phytosanitary, land and sea transport, inspections and customs formalities.

In Bambusa we have become specialists in all kinds of Bamboo Auxiliary Facilities for interior and exterior use, we offer complete services of design and construction of Bamboo structures, incorporating in our projects the international advances that are carried out in the world of Bamboo.

Starting from these facilities, we participate in integral projects of landscaping, decoration and bioconstruction in which the use of Bamboo is favoured. This has allowed us to develop our own construction techniques adapted to the characteristics of the specific climate in Spain.


We try to base the idea of the company, its orientation and organization on principles that must not lose their basic importance:

  • Understanding the company as a dynamic point of the system whose main objective is to contribute to local development; at source, promoting cooperativism and learning among our suppliers, and at destination, promoting the transmission of knowledge and feedback.
  • Trying to improve the quality of life of citizens and workers, as well as enriching the uses and exploitation of natural resources for a greater ecological capital.
  • Conditioning the survival of the project to the knowledge factor, since our innovative capacity depends on it, for this we try to design strategies of relationship with universities, and we make continuous efforts in the learning and expansion of our knowledge.


We believe that Bamboo is the best alternative to wood in construction. Its unbeatable physical characteristics, its competitive price and durability, but also its great beauty and the respect for the environment that its use entails, make Bamboo the ideal material for the realization of sustainable projects of pergolas, covered porches, houses, removable facilities such as fair stands or temporary pavilions.

We have the Life Cycle Analysis of our Guadua Bamboo canes and an official calculation of the ecological footprint made by the Biomass Unit Energética and Análisis Environmental of the School Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid.

The results confirm that its use in Europe is so beneficial compared to other timber products and that its long sea transport does not reduce its great ecological value and allows the preservation of valuable and endangered tree forests.

We are able to offer at very competitive prices a high quality material: Guadua reeds ideal for making beautiful and resistant structures in Bamboo, Moso and Tonkin Bamboo reeds to set the mood or create basic and very versatile furniture and manufactured products, Tam Vong Thai Bamboo for enclosures and covers and other applications where high strength is needed in small diameters, Leopard and Black for original decorations, manufactured products such as rolls of Bamboo reeds, rigid panels, laminated boards.

We offer our products and advice to designers, architects, engineers, construction companies, gardening and carpentry companies and, of course, to individuals through our online shop BambusaShop.es.