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Half cane Tali bamboo panel

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A natural solution of very easy installation for fences, separators and enclosures.

Rigid Bamboo half reed panel 90 /100 cm wide

Panel rígido de medias cañas de Bambú ancho 90 /100 cm


Scientific name: Dendrocalamus Asper (Tali)

Colour: Yellow

Canes wide: 60/80 mm

Origin:                    Indonesia

Weather resistance★★★★☆



  • 90 cm
  • 240 cm
  • 120cm
  • 200cm


  • Rigid panel 90/100 cm wide, made up of 6/8 cm half poles joined with crossed rope.
  • Available in different heights
  • Easy installation in enclosures and shading.
  • Particularly suitable for outdoor applications.
  • High durability against the possible appearance of cracks, although small cracks may appear with sudden changes in temperature or humidity.
  • Bamboo is a natural product, no cane is perfectly straight. Each bamboo cane is unique in shape, colour and shade. Vertical cracks can occur, especially when used outdoors. Just like wood, Bamboo expands or shrinks depending on temperature and humidity conditions. However, cracks do not affect the structural integrity of Bamboo.


Special sizes

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