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Natural dark tones and large diameters, highly decorative finishes in a material with many possibilities.


Scientific name: Gigantochloa Atroviolacea

Colour:                    Chocolate brown / wenge

Taper:            Max 5mm per linear metre

Origin:                    Indonesia


Structural application★★★★☆
Wall thickness★★★☆☆
Weather resistance★★☆☆☆




  • 5-7 cm
  • 7-9 cm
  • 9-11 cm
  • 1,00m
  • 2,00m
  • 3,00m
  • 4,00m


  • High-quality poles with small cracks
  • Variable wall thickness and internodal distance in progression.
  • Suitable for interior and structural applications
  • Sudden changes in temperature or humidity can lead to cracks or crazing.
  • The Ø value refers to the base of the piece.

Bamboo is a natural product, no cane is 100% straight. Each bamboo cane is unique in shape, colour and shade. Vertical cracks can occur, especially when used outdoors. Just like wood, Bamboo expands or shrinks depending on temperature and humidity conditions. However, cracks do not affect the structural integrity of the Bamboo.

We have used this product in several interior decorations; you can see pictures of the installed product HERE.

Special sizes

Do you need us to cut the cane to an out-of-catalogue size?

Do you need to open the cane lengthwise, make an angled cut or a fishmouth?


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