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Guadua bamboo half poles

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Máxima rectitud, baja conicidad y tratamiento contra insectos xilófagos

For covering walls or blind fences, making false ceilings or wall panelling, being able to create drawings and geometric patterns.

Scientific name: Guadua angustifolia Kunth

Colour: Light brown with dark tones and eventual brownish stains

Taper: Max 5 mm per linear metre

Origin: Colombia

Wall thickness★★★★★
Weather resistance★★★★☆



  • 11-13 cm
  • 5-7 cm
  • 7-9 cm
  • 9-11 cm
  • 1,90m
  • 2,90m
  • 90cm

We can supply Bamboo Guadua with a length of 8 meters. Please ask for information about this product HERE


  • High resistance to compression and thick walls.
  • Specialized protection against xylophagous attacks (+ fireproof characteristics).
  • Especially suitable for the construction of structures.
  • Canes selected at origin.
  • Sudden changes in temperature or humidity can lead to the appearance of cracks or crevices.
  • The Ø value refers to the base of the part.
  • Low taper (max 5mm/ml)
  • Bamboo is a natural product, no cane is 100% straight. Each bamboo cane is unique in shape, colors and shades. Vertical fissures can occur, especially in outdoor use. Just as with wood, Bamboo expands or retreats depending on temperature and humidity conditions. However, cracks do not affect the structural integrity of Bamboo.

+ information of the material in: GUADUABAMBOO


Special measures

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