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Flex Bamboo

29,80667,92 VAT inc.

A very easy to install solution for interior cladding

Flexible Bamboo-strip mat


Scientific name: Phyllostachiys Pubescens

Strips width:  17 mm

Finishing: Carbonized

Origen:                    China

Resistencia a la intemperie★★☆☆☆



SKUThumbnail Height Ancho PriceStockQuantityTotal
RBF-200/50 Flex Bamboo - 50cm - 200cm-en 50cm 200cm 29,80 VAT inc.In stock 0,00 VAT inc.
RBF-200/200 Flex Bamboo - 200cm-en - 200cm-en 200cm 200cm 89,61 VAT inc.In stock 0,00 VAT inc.
RBF-1500/200 Flex Bamboo - 200cm-en - 1500-cm 200cm 1500 cm 667,92 VAT inc.In stock 0,00 VAT inc.


  • Flexible bamboo mat
  • Easy installation in coverings.
  • Especially suitable for indoor applications.
  • Can be cut in height and extension.
  • Supports coating of curved surfaces.

+ Information about the material in: BAMBOO – MOSO

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