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Bamboo rolled fence Ø25

55,41119,45 VAT inc.

Bamboo rolls made from complete canes joined together with galvanized wire. A simple and durable solution for fences, dividers and shading.

Available in various widths and heights, in the Moso variety



Scientific name: Phyllostachiys Pubescens

Poles diameter:              Ø2,5/2,8 cm

Origin:                    China

Weather resistance★★★




SKUThumbnail Ancho Height PriceTotalStockQuantity
RBN-26-250/100 Bamboo rolled fence Ø25 - 250cm-en - 100-cm-en 250 cm100cm 55,41 VAT inc. 55,41 VAT inc.In stock
RBN-26-250/150 Bamboo rolled fence Ø25 - 250cm-en - 150-cm-en 250 cm150cm 69,95 VAT inc. 69,95 VAT inc.Out of stock
RBN-26-200/180 Bamboo rolled fence Ø25 - 200cm-en - 180-cm-en 200cm180cm 63,90 VAT inc. 63,90 VAT inc.Out of stock
RBN-26-250/180 Bamboo rolled fence Ø25 - 250cm-en - 180-cm-en 250 cm180cm 84,95 VAT inc. 84,95 VAT inc.In stock
RBN-26-200/200 Bamboo rolled fence Ø25 - 200cm-en - 200cm-en 200cm200cm 71,05 VAT inc. 71,05 VAT inc.Out of stock
RBN-26-250/200 Bamboo rolled fence Ø25 - 250cm-en - 200cm-en 250 cm200cm 88,81 VAT inc. 88,81 VAT inc.In stock
RBN-26-240/250 Bamboo rolled fence Ø25 - 240cm-en - 250-cm-en 240cm250cm 119,45 VAT inc. 119,45 VAT inc.Out of stock


  • Easy installation in enclosures and shading.
  • Especially suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Small cracks may appear with sudden changes in temperature or humidity.
  • The value of the Ø refers to the base of the rods that make it up.
  • Bamboo is a natural product, no cane is perfectly straight. Each bamboo cane is unique in shape, colors and shades. Vertical cracks can occur, especially in outdoor use. Just like wood, bamboo expands or removes depending on temperature and humidity conditions. However, cracks do not affect the structural integrity of Bamboo.

+ Material information in: MOSO – BAMBOO

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