Vegetal materials in construction

Bamboo Bioconstruction Workshop

Within the IV Conference organized by ESPIGA, – Galician Association for Bioconstruction – we participated with a talk where we could show the characteristics of the Guadua, including the processes they go through before their arrival in Spain, a Life Cycle Analysis of the material and the ecological footprint of its processing and transport.

We were also able to talk about the current state of the art of the specific regulations for Bamboo and, from our experience and that of international specialists, to show constructive examples with different solutions and possibilities.

We completed the presentation of the bamboo bamboo with a workshop for the elaboration of bamboo joints, where fish mouths, T-type laces and a fish truss were made (+ examples of connections).

Exhibition, Structures, Workshops
Bamboo Guadua, Bioconstruction, espiga, Fish truss, Plant construction