Oh my Jungle! – Festival de les Arts 2017

Oh my Jungle!

Oh my Jungle! is a ephemeral architecture project in Bamboo by Javier Bono, Antonio Orero and Teresa Martínez with the technical collaboration of Bambusa Estudio, carried out for the chill out area of the Festival de les Arts 2017, accompanying the electronic caravan La desmontable – theBasement .

For the installation of this parametric structure, a 1:1 scale model was assembled until the construction solution was found that would allow for quick assembly, solidity and stability.

The system is configured in a network of paraboloids of Tam Vong BTVØ30 bamboo canes  and white ribbons, which result in a pleasant shade appreciated by the Festival attendees.

Here is the video summary of the construction.

Architecture, ephemeral, Structures
Ephemeral architecture, Festival de les Arts, Parametric, Tam Vong Baboo