Indoor installations

Interior decoration with bamboo canes

Bamboo canes have a great attraction, especially for us westerners who are not so used to find this material, so many of the pieces of Bamboo Moso, Black or Leopard that we send from our stores end up decorating offices, entrances to clinics, shopping malls and gardens.

The parts can be fixed in many ways depending on the installation point, budget etc…;

A simple and very practical solution for indoor and outdoor use is to prepare a metal base of the measures we want to cover and weld sections of tube of about 30 cm on it. that are inserted in each of the rods so that in the end these are standing quickly, safely and with the composition we want.

If the reeds are going to be placed in a pot or vase, they can simply be placed at the bottom and held in place with the same filling (gravel, soil, cement, sand, etc.) that is going to be used, the only thing we have to take into account is that in order to last for them to last for many years we must avoid storing water in the bases of the pieces.

As for the finishes, there is also a great deal of variety, although the most common way is to cover the bases with rounded edges or with creeping plants. For the reeds we will use the same oil as for the outdoor furniture in wood.

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