Garage with Tile Cover

Garage construction with tile roofing

Bamboo construction prepared for heavy roofs (in this case curved roof tiles) made exclusively with 10, 12 and 14 cm Guadua canes and maximum lengths of 6 m. with which we manage to cover a space of about 30 m² with only 4 supports and a separation between columns of more than 5 meters, with which the garage can easily fulfill the function of housing the two vehicles of the house comfortably and without central obstacles.

The columns are made up of 4 canes that work together to distribute the load and sit on stone shoes, which isolate them from possible sources of moisture. On these columns we mounted a ring with double bamboo beams, which on the sides receive the roof straps and on the back and in the front support the central composite beam.

The main truss is formed by 3 vertical uprights combined with diagonals in the shape of Λ, and topped with a front eave with the same composition. The morphology of this latticework, with the diagonal reeds subjected to compression, the vertical sections working under traction, and all the nodes reinforced by crosses with other reeds, allows that despite the great flexibility of bamboo, it is possible to support the weight and save the foreseen light in a totally stable way and without deformations.

The interior finishing of the roof and the back panel is made with Guadua mat; the project includes the previous laying of stone flooring from large pieces, the installation of lighting throughout the whole and the decoration of the exterior garden.

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Bamboo garage, Bamboo Guadua, Guadua mat