Colombia House – Bamboo Housing Structure

Design and construction of a Guadua Bamboo structure for a house in Anolaima – Cundinamarca – Colombia.

Bamboo construction made with 10 and 12 cm Guadua canes to create the roof structure from a truss formed by the union of two composite beams (double) with 9 and 12 m lengths.

With these porticoes we achieve the large spans necessary to create large spaces in the central area of the house and a large window almost 12 m long in the central part. The construction includes diagonal reinforcements at the junction and vertical uprights inclined in the center and at the ends, finishing with large 1.5 m eaves to cover the wide exterior corridors of the house. The columns are placed inside the external walls or on stone footings taken from the work itself, so that they are perfectly finished and protected from the humidity of the ground.

The house is distributed in a single floor, with the exception of a large terrace with external access in the north area. It has about 140m2 of interior space which, together with the outer corridor and the porch, add up to a total of about 250m2 of roof space.

The floor plan is divided into a covered “social” area in front of the entrance, a large living-dining room with an open kitchen integrated into the porch, the main bedroom divided into two rooms; dressing room-studio and bedroom with private bathroom, a second bedroom, bathroom, study, storage area and room for cleaning and laundry under the terrace.

The study of the natural environment, sunshine and shadows throughout the day have been fundamental elements in defining the orientation and distribution. The asymmetrical waters of the roof, facing east/west, cross over in the central part, leaving the structure visible from the inside and forming the large upper window that naturally illuminates the living room and the bathroom in the morning, generating shade in the hot midday hours.

Our work includes, in addition to the structural and distribution project, the construction management, the installation plans, and the definition of materials and finishes.

Here we leave this video summarizes the construction in all its phases in a concentrate of three minutes.

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