Bamwood Exhibition – Valencia Design Week 2014

Bamboo furniture – Valencia Design Week 2014

As part of Valencia Design Week 2014, Bambusa+fábriq, a two-sided company dedicated to sustainable design, presents in this exhibition a selección of its products for indoor and outdoor spaces.

A parametric chill-out in the shape of a Hyperboloid made of Tonkin Bamboo cane Ø3 cm, two dome shaped lamps and a star sphere with Moso Bamboo slats, a table with crossed legs of Guadua canes and glass top, a children’s bicycle built with 15mm Bamboo board.
The constant search of new approaches in architecture and furniture is synthesized in a series of bamboo and wood pieces characterized by its  warm design and handmade production.

Opening: Wednesday 12 February 2014, 19h – Central Route
Place: Place Design Vintage & Co. C/Cirilo Amorós 24, 46004, Valencia

Decoration, Exhibition, Furniture
Bamboo board, Bamboo slats, Place Design Vintage & Co., Tonkin Bamboo, Valencia disseny week