Bamboo Paraboloid and Green Roof

Bamboo Paraboloid and Green Roof

In the second week of March 2010, the workshop “Innovative Structures in Bamboo Cane and Green Roofs” was held in Colombia, which Bambusa did not want to miss.

The course was directed by Jörg Stamm, an international specialist in bamboo construction, and was attended by Professor Gernot Minke, a well-known expert on ecological construction systems and author of books such as:

  • Ground Construction Manual
  • Green roofs
  • Construction manual with straw bales
  • Bamboo Building Manual

The main objective of the course was to develop the construction of a surface covered by a 10 to 15 cm vegetation cover. with native plants. In order to give shape to this structure, it was decided to build a regulated surface with Guadua canes, formed by 4 hyperbolic paraboloids (on the ground floor they are square) that joined together by 2 of their faces give rise to this original roof.

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