Bamboo construction workshop

Bad grass never dies – Theoretical and practical bamboo construction workshop

We begin 2012 with this workshop organized by the Colegio de Diseñadores de Interior de la Comunidad Valenciana in Las Naves del Grao de Valencia.

The idea was, on the one hand, to make known the current properties and uses of this great material, and on the other hand, to practice with the realization of small regulated structures in which the possibilities of bamboo as a constructive material could be clearly seen.

From 4 and 8 cm Moso slats and 4 and 8 cm Moso bamboo canes we show the method of construction of a “fish truss”, we form a hyperbolic paraboloid, and two types of hyperboloid-shaped columns in which we can very easily modify the curvature and height to obtain different results… almost more time is needed to name the structures than to construct them.

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Bamboo slats, Colegio Decoradores Comunidad Valenciana, Moso Bamboo