Bamboo Construction course in Alg_a Lab

Practical bamboo bioconstruction workshop

Construction of a structure for heavy loads in Guadua Bamboo canes, made up of two inverse trusses and pillars to hold a green roof in the spaces of Alg_a Lab.

Together with the students of the course, we practised the construction system with floor template, threaded rod joints, fish mouth joints, cement filling and laying the structure, for its future covering with earth and plants. The roof is tracked with Bamboo Nigra cane from this area.

Course carried out within the framework of the IV Bioconstruction Course in the neighbourhood centre of Valladares (Vigo), coordinated by Alex Fernandez de Tecnoloxías Apropiadas – Natural Materials and Construction Systems module.

Structures, Workshops
Bamboo structure, Bamboo truss, Bioconstruction workshop, Green roof